Press parts

KARG press parts: creative components for the system developments of today and tomorrow – light, flexible, environmentally sustainable


KARG press parts are a technically very interesting further-processing stage of MFK basic knit meshes.

Using shaping processes which are developed by us and adapted to cater for the requirements of specific customers or projects, the workpieces are produced by partially or fully automatic means in small, medium and large batches.

High tooling accuracy, low error rates and automatic monitoring of the workpieces allows us to produce the best quality at prices which are competitive in the market. Our manual shaping processes are usually only employed in prototyping and with very small batches. Our rapid, highly efficient sample construction division is highly valued in our customers' development departments.


Our moulded wire parts are usually employed in automotive and mechanical engineering. They make a crucial contribution in helping to enhance levels of comfort and safety. For example, they are fitted in vital functional elements such as airbag generators and catalytic converters. Their main role is to provide vibration-damping and noise-abating functions. They can be matched perfectly to the respective conditions in which they will be used through a choice of suitable materials and structure. Our press parts are renowned for their resistance to oils, acids and alkaline solutions, great resistance to ageing and high mechanical durability.


Technical data


Packing density in g/cm³ or kg/m³

Control range approx. 0.8 - 4.0 g/cm³

Free volume in %

Wire surface in m² / m³

Dimensional tolerances - depend on the part density

Weight tolerances - are determined by the supply specification of the raw material